Giant Companies usually have daring heart to take big risks. They invest millions on campaigns and advertising just to meet their competitors level of investment but not everyone is as fortune as to achieve what he desires, some may fail surprisingly.

Every product launches with the new innovative ideas, now it’s on public that how they react. And how quickly they adopt their new innovation.

Obviously, companies are the presenters but public is the one who judges.

Here I would like to present 10 top most examples of beauty product failures.

Kylie cosmetics’most hyped silver brushes set.

Kylie had to defend herself for saying that 16 set of brushes would cost you surprisingly $360, due to this statement Kylie faced backlash. So she introduced these silver set of brushes. But people still couldn’t accept these in $360 so it went on lose.

KKW’creme contour kit

Everyone was so excited about the new product of Kim Kardashian but excitement turned into disappointment real soon when they noticed two major flaws in the product, first was, Kim gave her product named as “deep dark” when it actually was light for many complexions. Secondly the quantity was not worthy of $48, only 0.32 ounces.

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