Looking to arrange a birthday party for someone close to you, or for your loved ones coming from abroad, or you might be thinking of your school friends get-together, or you have just graduated and supposed to give a treat to your sticky, gourmet peeps, or maybe you want to party without any reason.

After all, who needs a purpose for this occasion? Sounds Exciting!

But, here comes a breaking point, if I am not wrong, all good and still you are not up for it. Is this what you go through every time you intent for a party? Well, I do know what stops you. You might don’t have time, or are out of budget for throwing an awesome party, or you just don’t want to get catering services.
Don’t worry at all! Be easy! As I’ve come up with some easy to cook, easy to carry and relatively cheaper finger food recommendations for you, off course, delicious too, that will help you rock your party. But why only finger foods? Because these are mouth-watering tasty, loved by everyone. Moreover, you can nibble these, one by one that enables you to enjoy a little of this, a little of that. What’s worth mentioning is that these are also adequate for health if cooked within simply digestive oil and refined spices.
Now, moving towards for what you are here. I have listed some finger foods below; you’ll love to set up for your upcoming celebrations. May your parties be delicious successes!

French Fries

I always wonder how comes a potato tastes so yummy by simply frying it in oil with some salt over it? However I always enjoy eating it, so will you. It’s a must serve food for every party.

Chicken Nuggets

French fries and chicken nuggets served with ketchup make the best combination for foodies. It’s the most wanted finger food among kids.

Chicken Honey Wings

There is so much to love about wings, from its alluring look to its luscious taste. Don’t forget to order these even when you are out for dining.

Braided Pizza Bread

Easiest to eat. You need no spoon or fork to consume it. Just take your plate put it in and start eating, as simple as this. It tastes like pizza, an all-time favorite.

Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

These poppers will be the quirkiest item of your party. Everyone would love to taste it at least once.


These will be the odd one out of your menu list. Crispy and Crunchy. Often goes with a drink, tea or probably with soup. Pasta Very light and yummy. One or two bowls of it are never enough for killing appetite. You can add chicken or vegetables to it, depends on your choice.


Cutlets of fish or potato will add colors to the menu as it’s considered a chocolaty meal, admired by all.

Chicken Tikka

Place crispy roasted chicken legs in the dining table, and your guests will fail to resist asking its recipe.

Pastry/Ice Cream

Craving for something sweet is very natural in the end. Pastry or ice cream can serve the purpose.

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