Being positive is sometimes all we need. Negativity is undoubtedly a root cause of many illnesses that grow within us, most of the times we not being even aware of it. We don’t want that devil inside us to defeat us, do we? We want to move on and let the things that bother us the most go. But is that easy? Is it easy to let go of problems and the thoughts that wander in the mind related to them? Is it easy to ignore people responsible for your distress? Is it easy to move on and not look back? Is it really that easy to love without being loved or appreciated? Is it humanly possible to give without keeping expectations? Well the answer is quite simple, No! Its not that simple as it seems, no one will really understand the journey your traveling! Not everyone around you will believe in you, but what’s more important is your trust in yourself because nothing is impossible! You have your own identity and when you want to move on trust me you will and no one would be able to come your way. You are powerful, when YOU want something to happen it will happen! Build a trust relationship with yourself because thats what you need!

1.Think less, stress less! 

I am sure you must have heard ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Well life isn’t that sweet always, but why not think positively? When we have the lemons why waste them and not have a nice refreshing glass of lemonade? One just needs to be more accepting, forget the past as you cant change that but don’t forget what the past had taught you. We grow from mistakes and get better with experiences. One mistake doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you grow. Think less of the negative stuff and give yourself a positive push. Don’t let anyone think you’re any less, and don’t let others thoughts bother your peace. Take criticism positively! We all are humans and not perfect at all, be humble and be more accepting. When you’ll control yourself instead of letting others control you, you’ll run miles happily! Never overthink the ‘if’s’ and the ‘but’s’.

2. Be Productive

‘An empty vessel makes the most noise’ isn’t this true? Well, to stress less you need to keep your mind busy in something productive. You have this powerful mind that can do wonders, why not use it? Pursue your profession, help others, take courses, learn a new language, renovate your house, learn to cook, write and read what you love, just do something rather than just sitting and worrying of stuff sometimes which are not in your hands. A busy productive mind is a healthy mind, and one for sure feels better about themselves!

3. Be Patient and Thankful

Patience is a key to many doors. Wether you are sad or looking forward to something in life or trying to move on you need to stay patient and believe in whatever happens, happens for your good. Sometimes we don’t get what we look for, but its ok because sometimes we ask for stuff which are not good for us and God always has better plans, He gives us something even better for sure, but we only get the best with patience. Being inpatient and wanting things to happen as soon as you have prayed for them, no it doesn’t work that way unfortunately. Be more thankful for what you have, look around we are always blessed with something maybe some other is deprived of. When you learn to accept what is and not cry for what isn’t and stay positive patient and thankful, God will surely reward you for that, just have faith.

So all you out there! Be the best version of yourself because you are truly beautiful and deserve to be happy! When YOU want, impossible can always be made possible!

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