New technologies are no longer surprising for us. We all have pretty much got used of it. Every other year a new gadget comes out and it doesn’t seem like it shouldn’t be possible. Everything seems to be normal with the advancement of new technical era.

Inventions that push the boundaries of innovation. We are getting advanced with every passing day.

While quoting Kenya west “faster, better, stronger” our beauty innovators are doing the same with every passing year.

Being a makeup  junkie it’s always exciting for every girl to get herself introduced with new beauty gadgets so she might replace the old ones.

What is 3D makeup?

Flawless high dimension makeup is not only for actresses, makeup artists or for TV anymore. Now many are adapting the techniques of high dimension makeup for a flawless finish.

3D makeup is done by 3D designers and e-makeup artists who creates the most outstanding makeup looks using augmented reality.

3D makeup are very effective in giving you a flawless and on point finish look. Today’s high dimension cameras can easily show any wrinkle or pimple on your face. While 3D makeup techniques are the best cover up for uneven facial Complexion and texture and many other flaws.

What is Mask Machine?

A game changer has introduced itself in the super market of beauty and supplements. New trends are introducing themselves on the higher streets.

The most recent addition in the upstate market of beauty is Mask maker Machine. Very unique and extremely helpful.

It allows you to create your own custom made hydrogel masks from the comfort of your own home using collagen tablets and ingredients such as milk, fruits and yogurt.

Are you thinking of juices? But instead of smoothies they make masks for your facial beauty.

 3D makeup and Mask Machine are the future.

Makeup artists and beauty innovators are challenging traditional makeup and masks day by day and making techniques to replace them with the advanced technology is seemed to be their aim or motive of modern  era.

Beauty has been 2 dimensional since ages but today in the era of 3D or 4D let’s transform the beauty too into 3D.

Our beauty supermarket is getting better, stronger and faster with every passing day and replaces the old techniques while providing the makeup freaks to adopt more Easy, advanced and better looks of beauty with everything on point.

How they are replacing the natural charmer

No doubt the expanding popularity of 3D makeup replacing traditional natural charmer day by day.

  • when the natural traditions makeup looks mask like, heavy on face, 3D makeup provides a sheer finish while keeping your wrinkles and other flaws covered. 3D makeup is less detectable on camera.
  • 3D makeup provides better and more fabulous result in lesser quantity as compared to other traditional makeup in higher quantity.

While mask machines offering following advantages over traditional masks.

  • Facial mask machines are the supernatural future in the market of beauty.
  • These facial mask machine doesn’t have any preservatives or hydrargyrum or any other unhealthy chemicals.
  • Making the mask depends on your skin
  • less messy
  • easy to use and clean.
  • the mask will be formed even, automatically.
  • Provides best effective results, better and easier than traditional masks.

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