Do your own thing is key to success in Halloween. As you plan your Halloween bash party and think to do something trendy and classy for yourself from super girl to badass woman you do your own thing while wanting to stand out.

Halloween parties are crowded with the costumes repeaters. You can almost count handful the same repeated costumes in every party for instance, wearing black cats, red face devil, vampire look and witch craft are so mainstream.

Let’s try something trendy and classy this year. Lets drop all the traditional looks and follow what’s on top trending. All  the costumes influenced by famous TV shows, movies, memes, pop cultural trends and recent social media viral are always in trend and never go out of fashion.

Here we have some top trending points to cover for your Halloween party 2018.

Cover it up and be the scariest one in the house.



“Nun” in the light of fame these days. The biggest horror movie of 2018 already giving ideas for your makeup and costumes. Tons of inspiration for makeup junkies.

  • Apply a fake nose tip
  • Paint your whole face white
  • Add black shades around the eyes and lips
  • To create your skin seemingly cracked, add brush strokes of black.
  • Add a crimson shade to your teeth and lips.
  • You can use Kylie and Huda beauty products for this.


Copying super heroes for Halloween parties never goes out of fashion. But pick the right one is tricky. Here we have some help for you.

The warrior of Wakanda an inspired look from the marvel’s black panther. The most talked and biggest hit of the year encouraged many fans to copy the look.

  • light weight premier to prep the skin.
  • use a brush to apply full face foundation.
  • Matte bronzer to define the hollowed areas of the face and apply highlighter on your high points.
  • Pat gold shadow at the corner of your lids
  • Add a warm copper eye shadow at the crease of your eyes
  • High light the brow bone with golden shadow
  • Fill your brows with Sharp brown pencil
  • Apply eyeliner and wing it on both sides.
  • Finish off with mascara

You can use Mac products for these tutorials.



Regan Teresa is a fictional character from the horror movie The Exorcist. You don’t have to pull your head off or walk on walls to be a nightmare, being Regan is scaring enough.

Makeup you will need to get a look.

  • white lens
  • toilet tissues paper for the scar
  • eyelash glue
  • joke blood/tomato pure
  • Pale and green makeup for the Base
  • brown, purple, black eyeshadow.

You can use Sephora products for it.


If you’re planning to do a duet costume with your partner then Joker and Harley are the perfect couple goals to give inspiration for many who are looking for perfect duet costumes.

  • CC BEAUTY professional body palate plate
  • elf kohl eyeliner
  • Nikkei tutorial power of makeup palette
  • EWC strut boldly collection
  • makeup for ever last lashes.
  • black, brown or red pencil eyeliner.

You can use Sephora products for it.



If you want to put least effort in your costume but still want to stand out in the party try one eye EMOJI look. You only need to buy one eye EMOJI helmet that covers all your face

No makeup is required.

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