Moms are officially signed up for lifetime worrying about their child. Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling one could experience but on the other hand the thoughts of the dependence of one “living life” a “growing human” can give you panic attacks. This tiny little life solely depends on you, these thoughts can be terrifying.

Getting pregnant and giving birth both are the combination of excitement and sense of fear for proving yourself a good mother but stay positive and keep reminding yourself that you’re doing great.

Changes can be scary especially when your whole life is changed by the birth of your new born baby boo. This change marks its influence on your life, so you keep worrying about your new born. The pattern of  Raising kids have been changed over many years but all the moms worrying about their kids never goes out of fashion.

No one can call you experienced on the basis of your first child. So it’s okay to get worried and ask what to do from experienced moms. There are many unknowns and want to do best for your child is every mother’s desire

Baby blues is a condition of mood swings, mild anxiety and the feeling of being over possessive that every 70-80 moms face after child birth. So don’t get worried it’s not you, it’s your hormones.

Want to know shortly about the stuff every new mom commonly worry about?

Or a short flashback of your first motherly experience maybe!!

1. Getting panic attacks on almost everything and every time.

They always keep worrying about the stuff that don’t even matter to be worried about and always normal for their new born child. For instance, my baby cries too much “is this normal”?,  my baby sleeps too much “is this normal”?. These kind of phrases we get to listen from every newly born parent for their newly born first child.

Babies cry, it’s obvious for them. They don’t know how to express their feelings and desires except crying, they would cry if they are sleepy or hungry. They can only express their feelings through crying. So IT IS NORMAL.

As a newly mom it would be hard for you to not get panic about everything and every time. Every child grows differently but it’s impossible for everyone to get the answers of every question and concern.

2. Fear of losing the baby.

Fear of losing your child is top on list of every parent. Fear to lose your baby during sleep gives you panic attacks you might wake up during late nights just to make a check upon on your baby. The syndrome of thinking to lose your baby to sudden instant death is normal. Many mothers have shared their stories that they spent first few nights staring at their little Angels just to make sure that they are breathing normally.

3. Everything is toxic to eat.

A newly born mom instantly become nutrition specialist when her first child is born. Everything feels poisonous and toxic to eat for them. They check several times to make sure the right/exact temperature (not too hot or not too cold) of the milk before feeding their infant. Liquid intake to solid intake conversion is equal to climbing a mountain for them bare footed.



4. Having trust issues on others

When it comes to their babies moms are highly possessive and new moms are even a upgraded version for possessiveness. They don’t trust easily on anyone unless or until they make sure the person is trust worthy. They will always ask you to wash your hands before touching their little fellow. They won’t let you hold their baby in the fear of that you might drop their new born. They always think that someone will fall their baby while holding

5. “Am I a good mother”

Always pulling yourself on the bridge of judgement is every newly become mom’s most favourite thing to do. When they are done with all the worrying so at the end of the day they start judging about themselves that whether they are setting an example of “perfect mother” or not. Are they worth for their newly born or not.

You’re probably can’t be the “perfect mom” but you’re doing all good so always appreciate yourself for the great maternal job you’re doing 24/7.

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