You want to do a lot of nutty stuff in your life but scared that your guardians will throw you out of the house. You’re not independent; don’t own a house and are jobless, so you never thought of doing things of your choice. That’s so pity of you.

People who have passed this tedious time of their lives are now unable to resist their bubbling wishes, and few are struggling with the naughty little demon inside their heart. However, they are still confined to their houses. The reason is courtesy. It’s not allowing them to leave on their own. Are you the one? That’s even more pity of you!

Well, what if I tell you some ways to escape from the house without you being the one asking for it? Get ready to hear these guys! Today I’m here to tell you five easy tricks that will compel your parents (or guardians) to throw you out of the house.

Imagine the scene, you’re acting like begging to let you stay in, but they are in return entreating you to get your bag packed. You are packing your stuff with a wry face, faking to seek mercy from them but they just open the door and push you out. And there you are, jumping like a crazy. Mission accomplished!

Note: Don’t try to over act in the whole process. I’d not be responsible if they got sympathized. Let me tell you first, by following any of the ideas I’m going to mention below, you are going to become the biggest piece of shit in the universe (at least in your parent’s eyes), so buckle up Skippy.

Stay Messy

Leave everything around all of the time. Never bother tucking anything. Make your room or probably the entire house, a hell place to live in by continuously spreading trash. Stop using a basket. Above all, quit taking a bath but while doing so don’t forget to keep a fragrance with you all the time because the purpose is to get yourself kicked out of the house, not getting fade. Keep smelling it on and off.

Bleach the Lawn

You must be having bleach with you otherwise buy one from the market. Go to the grassy plot, open the bottle cap of bleach and pour it down. Disappear for some time. On returning back, you will surely find your elders planning to get you out of the house. Remember to take a photo of that orange grass, your feat.
Glue Things Together Yeah! I know you have done this number of times in your childhood but the situation is quite different now. You’ve to do it in your twenties, now. Gather things like crockery, cosmetics, stationery whatever you find and hot glue them together. The environment will suddenly get against you after this. Face it at your own risk.

Paint the Walls

Take every kind of color you’ve ever heard in your life and start exhibiting your artistic skills with these on the walls of the house. What happens next can be extremely awful. Though, act brave. Final results would be in your favor, hopefully.

Scratch the Car

Focus on the brand new car parked at your home. Take a key or a screwdriver with you, hold it tight on any one point of that car and start sliding it. Do this four to five times, and you’ll get the best results as compared to the other four suggestions. Though, terrible too. You would hardly be able to bear the consequences.

Precaution: Avoid trying all of the above at once. Doing this will surely make you leave the
house but for asylum.

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