Compromised hygiene

Raw meat handling must occur in a sanitary environment. Fundamental understanding of cleaning in place (CIP) and cleaning out of place (COP) should be made sure in the raw chicken processing areas. Sanitizers such as sodium hypochlorite should be used for the cleaning of processing equipment. Personal hygiene is also compulsory in this regard. Food-handling workplaces and processing areas should follow ISO standards and their workers should be educated on their code of conduct and food processing practices.  

Improper storage and packaging practice

Raw chicken should be subjected to adequate packaging and preservation strategies to ensure long-term storage. Different approaches e.g., Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), vacuum packaging, metal oxide nanoparticles incorporated packaging, chilling technology, and Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) methods have shown promising results in the meat industry. Required storage conditions should be met because inadequate storage or improper packaging may result in early perishability of the meat.

Ignorance of critical control points

Raw chicken handling requires a controlled environment to avoid contamination or spoilage. Hence, food processing associated critical control points should be monitored and regulated accordingly. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) should be introduced as a systematic approach to food safety at every food-handling workplace.

Raw chicken processing requires standard temperatures which include portioning of giblets (edible parts) at 16 °C, chilling at -4 °C, blast freezing at -36 °C to -40 °C and, final storage at -18 °C which is the standard storage temperature for meat. Similarly, thawing of chicken should be done overnight to prevent drip loss and to maintain the texture of meat. Last but not the least; the chicken should be cooked properly as undercooking may fuel the chances of food poisoning or disease attacks.

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