We all love music no matter from which era we belong whether we are old or young we all have our own different tastes. We all feel light and good when we listen to music sometimes it gives us a soothing experience. People prefer to listen to music especially when they drive or go out, rest it also help us and entice our parties, or even cherish our mood, make our dining night joyful or even entertain us when we feel sad. If I start to trace the history so Music is no doubt has a long series where you can find a heap of variety. So it doesn’t matter if you are a hip-hop lover, Trans lover, rap lover, solo lover or even the duet you can find your type easily.

But, wait… there is one thing which we hardly notice and that is the real names of our famous musicians. Have you ever feel to ask or keen to know the real names of our famous Musicians? If not then it’s ok. In my today’s article, I am going to reveal the real names of some of our Famous Musicians’ which are entertaining us from years.


There is no doubt a list of musicians who have changed their names when they joined the Hollywood music industry. But here I’m going to reveal the names of our top 5 famous musicians which are our all-time favorite.

2 Pac:

Well, I think there is no need to say anything for this man. 2 Pac is one of the finest names which we see in the musicians’ list. But do you guys know the real name of this man? Tupac Amaru Shakur is the real name of this American rapper and actor. He is one of the finest hip-hop artists and has released many hits.


ADELE: The voice of this rolling stone lady is still giving us goosebumps. She has given us the best hits. The real full name of this marvel lady is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. So, all the lovers and fans of ADELE who doesn’t know the real name of ADELE can easily au fait their selves.



Those who love the rap of love the way you lie song never ever forget this man. The real name of EMINEM is Marshall Mathers III. The music and rapping style of this man is no doubt phenomenal.



This 32 years professional singer, a songwriter is so much prominent all over the world. The fan following of GAGA is incredible because of her songs. She is such a provocative singer. The real full name of Lady Gaga is Stefani Joanne Germanotta.




This lady is known as the QUEEN OF POP. The real full name of MADONNA is Madonna Louise Ciccone. You can see the massive mainstream and imaginary music of Madonna easily on the web.




This is not the end… there are a lot more to explore but the mentioned one is the musicians that are not just famous also known as the tremendous singers in the Hollywood music industry.

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