Belly fat has been a concern for many, the body weight might be fine and so the body mass index (BMI) and one might look just in shape as far as they hold their breath to keep that tummy in! those extra pounds of fat on the lower abdomen doesn’t look so attractive, does it? so why not just burn it. The body shape is quite dependent on one’s lifestyle and habits, so read through and see which habits you need to change and what to add into your lifestyle:

Add Complex Carbohydrates into your Diet

It has been noticed when it comes to losing weight people cut down the carbs, well all carbs are not bad, some like the complex, unrefined ones are good for the digestive system. Complex carbohydrates have high fiber content that make you feel fuller for a longer time. In addition, complex carbohydrates like oats have resistant starches, that resist digestion and pass through the digestive tract unchanged. They bring various health benefits with them like reducing appetite, improving blood glucose levels and improving the quality and quantity of the good bacteria in our gut!

Avoid Refined Sugar

Sugar is addiction, and to lose weight and fat we must cut down the intake of simple sugars and refined products. Avoid sweetened beverages and carbonated drinks, bakery items, and all that is made from white flour and sugar. We eat excess calories from them and these simple sugars are readily digested in the body and eventually converted into fat. All the excess sugar in the blood which cannot be stored as glycogen stores in the muscles and liver turns into fat, and since we have a lot of space in the abdominal cavity fat choses to be stored there.

Eat Fresh

Eat fresh, yes no canned fruits and vegetables or frozen products. Packaged products bring with them preservatives and much more what we can’t see. Long term uses of such products is not healthy. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables specially those which have high water content in them like cucumbers, grape fruit, water melon etc. they benefit the body with their fiber and water content.

Eat Lean

Avoid eating meat with high fat. Say no to organ meat. When we are watching on weight, we need to eat the right amount of proteins as well. Add fish in the diet at minimum 1-2 times a week and one egg every morning!

More Water

Most of us don’t keep a track on the water intake which is quite important as the body must stay hydrated all the time. So many reactions are taking place in the body which require water, so never deprive the body with the fuel. Water also helps us to prevent over eating, drinking one glass of water, a calorie free drink, before having a meal can help prevent over eating by suppressing the appetite. More the water one drinks, the lesser the fat is stored!

Exercise: be more active!

Be more active, the body needs movement to burn calories. The more physical active one is the faster is the metabolism. If you have an option between an elevator and stairs, chose the stairs. Opt for cardio calorie burning exercises like running, jogging, swimming etc. to burn the belly fat do jump squats, burpees and jumping jacks for at least 15 minutes a day. Being regular is very important, slow and steady wins the race!

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