When we think about the word fast food, food items which are unhealthy with a lot of fat content comes to our mind. But there are many fast food options which are nutritious and healthy. Lets discuss them one by one.

  • Grilled Chicken burger

While talking about fast food, burgers are the first thing which came in to my mind. Grilled chicken contains less fats, more carbs and protein. While ordering it try to avoid mayonnaise, instead pair it with buffalo sauce and ask for extra olives and lettuce. It will make your meal delicious and healthy.

  • Burrito Bowls

Imagine delicious burrito bowls with lots of fajita veggies, corns, boiled shredded chicken, tomato sauce, avocados, what a delicious and healthy fast food to fulfill apatite. Not only that another option can be beans burrito bowls with red onions, green onions, red beans, chick peas, tomatoes, cauliflower and avocado.  Delicious with flavor and definitely it will be eating without sinning.

  • Chicken drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are delicious. When you buy it from KFC one chicken drumstick will give you only 20 calories and 4grams of total fat, which is quiet good for the cravings of fast food.

  • Turkey and Provolone Sandwich

Turkey meat is a good source of proteins. Sandwich made with whole wheat is definitely a good option for lunch time. This sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and your choice of veggies give this sandwich  more flavor with less fats and calories.

  • Pizza

Don’t think of full cheesy pizza. But less cheesy pizza with extra olives and chicken might be a good option and contains less unhealthy stuff. You can even customize your slice with veggie and chicken pizza with less cheese and thin crust.

  • Tender Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Sometimes it feels good to have two or three tender chicken with green beans and Mashed potatoes will be a party for diet conscious persons to have a good meal with depth of flavors

  • French Fries

French fries or fires or chips are considered to be hero of fast food. I always wonder how comes a potato taste so yummy by simply frying in oil with some salt over it? Honestly speaking, fries are full of calories but if you take less amount of them it will avoid sinning.

  • Cheesecake

A yummiest slice of cheese cake will be an excellent option for the persons like me who have sweet tooth. They contain only 290 calories and 21grams of sugar.

  • Cookies

Grand maa’s chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, raisins and cranberries are even treat to think of.  This is definitely a good option for healthy eaters.

  • Fruit and Chocolate Smoothies

Smoothies of apple, bananas, dates, chocolates and almonds are very healthy and good option to fulfill appetite with flavors.

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