Airplanes are one of the most influential and evolutionary mode of transportation as they have ability to transfer parcels and humans to the other side of the world in less than a day. It makes lives of humans much easier. Modern airplanes have high speed engines and ensure safety delivery of deliverables. One of the factors which effects on-time flights are weather conditions like storms, fog, tornadoes, blizzards etc. These phenomenon are Act of God and can’t be controlled by anyone. Man-made activities also effects safety flights but mostly they are mechanical issues, negligence of technical staff and pilots like engine failures, fuel shortage, loss of control etc. But all these problems arise once in a blue moon and most of the time passengers have to trust airlines for the maintenance of them.

Apart from them, most of the people don’t feel safe when they fly because of many myths roaming around. Common myths which spread around and most of the persons believe them are as follows:

Turbulance can distroy aeroplanes

One of the most common myths is that turbulence is a sign of danger and most of passengers including myself become horrified. Researches have shown that turbulence is harmless. Peterson, B (2016) wrote an article and I quote is that according to the Federal Aviation Administration injured persons from turbulence is 58 fliers/year and two-third of them are flight attendants or the passengers who are not wearing their seat belts i.e. at the 30,000 feet only 20 passengers out of 800 million in the United States got injured due to turbulence (Peterson, 2016). So it’s better to tie your seat belt to avoid any causality instead of getting yourself in trouble.

Stuck in Toilets

Second myth is that one can stuck on a plane toilet which is positive if your body forms perfect seal in the seat  which almost never happen but if it happens flushing will break that air locking seal and will be safe.

Contaminated Air Problems

Some passengers think that air in aeroplanes is full of germs and this is also one of the most common myths. Passengers fear that flying can make them sick and planes are foul hotbeds of germs. In reality, the air in aeroplane is heavily filtered and carried fewer germs than the air in most of the congested areas.

Storms and Lightening can crash aeroplanes

Many passengers fears including me is that plane might crashes due to lightning strikes which fortunately is just a myth. So don’t worry, tie your seat belt, remain calm mild storm and lightening is harmless.

There are many more myths too which we hear all the time before flying from our friends or family who cares for us. But feeling safe is much more important than anything. It increases comfort and makes your journey memorable in a good way. We should try to shake all the myths off and fly feeling safe and secure.

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