Girlfriend’s ‘controlling’ list of 22 rules for boyfriend goes viral: ‘She sounds crazy’

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Sounds like a bridezilla in the making.

While it isn’t that uncommon for couples to have unspoken rules to ensure a happy relationship, one woman took it to the extreme by drafting a lengthy contract detailing 22 requirements for her boyfriend to sign.

The list was first shared on Twitter by a guy who found it in a used car he had purchased, but he then deleted it because people thought it was his own girlfriend who had made it and she was being harassed, according to The Daily Mirror.

The list has since resurfaced online after BoredPanda shared images of it along with comments from horrified readers.

The rules are:

  1. You are NOT to have a single girls phone number
  2. You are NOT to follow them on any social media (including Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter)
  3. You are NOT to hang out with Keegan (including his house or anywhere public)
  4. You are NOT to go to Honda without me
  5. You are NOT to hang out with your friends more than two times a week
  6. You are NOT to look at a single girl
  7. If girls come up to you at any place or anytime you are to WALK away
  8. Mo is to NOT hang out (with) us every time we hang out
  9. You are NOT to ask for h–d
  10. You are NOT to get mad at me about a single thing ever again
  11. You are NOT to bring up Tyler, Noah, Deven, or Josh ever again
  12. You are NOT allowed to drink unless I am with you
  13. I am allowed to do a phone check when EVER I please
  14. If we move in there are NEVER to be girls at our house
  15. If we move in together your friends will RARELY be allowed over
  16. If I catch you around girls I kill you
  17. You are NOT to ditch me for your friends
  19. We are to go on a legit date once every two weeks at least
  20. If I say jump you say “how high princess”
  21. You are to make sure you tell me you love me once a day at least so I know you’re not messing around
  22. You are to NEVER take longer than 10 mins to text me back.

“Run!!!” one person wrote.

“She sounds crazy but it also sounds like he cheated and she took him back,” someone commented.

“A classic example of what abusive behavior in women can look like. This isn’t cute or sweet or just for anyone’s own good, this is controlling,” another person wrote.

This isn’t the first time a surprisingly strict list has gone viral. Last month, a bride’s “rules and regulations” for her upcoming wedding shocked Reddit users, including stipulations such as “kindly refrain from upstaging the bride on her big day — oh, and no admission without a gift of $75 or more.”

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    3. How much money organization?

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    3. Avoid Some varieties of “meet with” Style ideas

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    4. do not forget to Have One or Two Creative Inquiries To Ask

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