Word insomnia comes from Latin word insomnis meaning sleepless. So insomniac (inˈsomniˌac; ɪnˈsɑmniˌæk ) is a person who faces difficulty in falling asleep, wake up too early in the morning and trouble in going back to sleep in night. Most of us think that it’s just facing difficulty in sleeping or sleeping late but doctors consider is a disease according to them there might be reason behind disturbed sleeping patterns. There are commonly two kinds of insomnia namely primary and secondary insomnia.  Primary insomnia is not directly related with health conditions whereas sometimes person faces difficulty in falling asleep due to health conditions. Insomnia can be long term (chronic) as well as short term (acute). Person suffering from sleeplessness from more than three days are considered as acute insomniac and less than three years are acute insomniac.

There are many aspects in daily routine which leads to insomnia.Following are discussed below:


Most common is lifestyle. Breaking day and night natural routine leads to sleeplessness, fatigue, disturbed eating habits and many other problems. Lifestyles might be because of work at home in the evening, taking napes in the afternoon or if you are a shift worker.

Unhealthy Eating Patterns

Unhealthy and excessive eating habits lead to insomnia. Taking too much caffeine (Tea, coffee etc), alcohol, nicotine (cigarettes, cigars etc) and heavy meals close to the bedtime lead to insomnia. One should take care of eating habits and avoid above mentioned stuff close to bedtime.

Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Mental health also leads to insomnia. Taking a lot of stress, depression and anxiety also lead to insomnia. Stress can be caused by any negativity in life like low income, death of loved ones, divorce etc. If a person feels like these issues are taking over, one should immediately either discuss it with physiatrist or try to divert attention to something productive.

Mobile Phones, Laptops and Tablets

In the modern times, prolonged use of electronic devices like cell phones, laptops and tablets etc are very common. And they are also one of the reasons leading to insomnia. Playing games consumes a lot of time and takeover bedtime. Sometimes reading e-books for the sake of knowledge also disturb sleep hygiene.

Tips and Tricks to get rid of Insomnia

There are various activities which can get rid of insomnia. First of all cozy, comfortable bedroom which must be quiet and dark might help to reduce insomnia. Listen soft music or take a bath before sleeping also help mind to relax.  Clear your mind; shake off negativities and happy thoughts leads to quick sleep. Secondly if you are suffering from medical conditions like arthritis, asthma, chronic pains etc. proper medications of disease will help to reduce insomnia and sleeping issues. Psychiatric conditions like bipolar disorder, and ADHD leads to extreme insomnia and proper medication of it calms patient down and leads to goodnight sleep.

Insomnia is mostly man made and if a person who help himself to reduce it. Live a happy and prosperous life. Learn to cope with problems and regulate lifestyle.

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