Hair Keratin vs  Hair Extenso

There was a time when curly and fizzy hairs were in trend. Girls with curly hair were thought to be classy. Time passed, trends changed. Today, every girl and woman wants silky and straight hairs without a single twist in it. Technology has made it possible. Saloons now offer numerous kinds of hair treatment two of which are Keratin and Extenso. But are these worth the money? Are these good for your hair health? You must be well aware with the answers to these questions before you go for an Extenso or Keratin. Keeping this in mind I have tried to summarize the pros and cons of these treatments in this article.

Hair Keratin

Keratin treatments hold good for the people who have relatively soft textured hair. They cure damaged hair and remove frizz in them. Keratin is basically a protein that nourishes dehydrated hairs and adds shine to them better than any other protein can do. It also straightens the hair but the degree of straightening depends on the natural condition of hair. Those with fewer curls get better results than those with many. The straightening effect begins to vanish after 5 to 6 months and completely vanishes after a year or so, but overall, I consider it a healthy treatment if dealt with quality products.


Unlike Keratin, it gives your hair a dead straight look. This treatment serves to relax and break the bonds of your hair. It reconstructs them giving a straight poker look, making them unable to go back to their wavy form for some period of time. It can last up to a year if done under the supervision of trained hair stylist. People with coarse or curly hair should go for this treatment to get satisfying results. Keratin will not satisfy them as much as this treatment will. However, it is not suitable for people with highlighted or very processed hair as it itself is an intensive chemical treatment. To add more, once you’ve gone through an Extenso, you will not be able to do hair styling anymore, the only option you would be having is a quite straight look, unlike keratin. Excessive Extensos may also seriously damage your hair.

To conclude

I’ll say both the treatments worth the money. The only condition is that you need to pick the best saloon to undergo any of these. The effects are, however, not long lasting. Doesn’t matter how much money you have put in, your hair will ultimately come back to their original texture. Which one you should prefer out of Keratin and Extenso depends entirely on your hair type. Remember consulting your stylist before you decide something.


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