It’s not easy balancing work and family. Both require time and attention and there are only 24 hours in a day. Some consider it impossible to balance both things. And if you give priority to one, the other suffers. How long do you want to juggle them both? Having a balance between them will not only improve your relationship with your family and work but will also change your life in many ways. For example, get rid of the guilt you feel for not giving your kids enough time, feeling like you’re not able to give your all at work etc.It not as hard as it sounds to maintain a balance between both.  There are only a few changes you need to make to have a significant effect on your work and family life. Here are a few:

Leave Work At Work and Family At Home

The most basic problem for why we can’t achieve a balance between these two parts of our life is that we bring the worries and stress of work home, and take the worries and stress from home to work. The moment you enter your house, your family can immediately sense your mood and act according to that. So before you even leave your car, try to relax and forget all that happened during the day, all the traffic, all the extra hours, the broken copy machine, leave it all outside your house. Enter your home with a smile and bright expression and in just a few minutes that smile and expression will become real. Your family will see you happy and will be comfortable around you and share with you their day, helping you forget yours. Similarly, don’t take the worries you face in your house to work or you won’t be able to concentrate well and nothing will be gained.

Managing Your Time

Equally dividing your time between both things isn’t the answer you seek. But managing how much time what requires is the key to a balanced life. For example, you have to give eight hours to your work every day, sometimes even more. That doesn’t leave you eight hours to spend with your kids. Instead of that make special activities like reading stories at bedtime, talking about their day at the breakfast and dinner table, dedicating one of the weekends completely to your family. It makes up for the days you have to give extra hours at work and the time it takes you to answer emails in between.

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