Sole water health benefits

Though we come across a variety of natural salts like regular Sea Salt, Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Salt, Maldon Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, or Velvet Du Guerande Salt but Himalayan Pink Salt does wonders with your body. Sole water is a rich-pink mineral-intensified brine solution, and probably the best thing you could ever hear when it comes to detoxifying natural drinks.

As much as we have already heard about the health hazards of table salt (NaCl), the sole water is entirely different from it. Sole water is composed of Pink Himalayan crystal salt and has numerous health benefits. On the flip side, table salt is unhealthy for your health as it affects the blood pressure and cardiovascular health. It is synthetically bleached, lacks trace minerals and contains anti-caking agents like sodium aluminosilicate which do not let the calcium bind to your bones and damage the neurons.

When salt and water combine, they shift their molecules into an entirely new dimension to form a geometric structure which yields exuberant energy. Therefore, sole water manifests a higher form of energy by attaining oneness of elements. People who drink sole water unleash a new level of awareness and consciousness. Let’s dive into the details encompassing one of the miracles of Mother Nature – the sole water.


The word sole has been derived from a Latin word “Sol” which means “Sun”, hence it is formed from intensive solar energy and also known as “liquid sunlight”. The pink color accounts for sediments, impurities and mineral matter in the salt. Its meaningful nutritional content is ideal for the human body if ingested in appropriate amounts. Sole water has a mellower taste which people find quite pleasant. It is rich in 84 trace mineral elements that fulfill the essential needs of your body. This salt is exclusively extracted by hand from the Himalayan Mountains. Manual extraction ensures the preservation of its natural elements and their bioavailability. It is then cleaned, sorted and graded to be packed.

Intake and uses

It is advised to dissolve a good quantity of Pink Himalayan Salt in filtered or spring water to make a concentrated brine solution. Following that, add a spoonful of this concentrate in a glass of water and drink it a couple times a day as a daily supplement to gain astonishing health benefits. It can be used in cooking, bathing, as a salt inhaler or as soap. It can also be used as natural toothpaste to clean your teeth.

Health benefits

Bone health

Low content of salt inside the body results in pulling salts from the bones. This process weakens the bones. Sole water regulates the salt content of the body and aids in re-mineralizing of bones, hence strengthening them.

Improved blood circulation

Sole water induces electrolyte balance thus improving conductivity and accelerating the blood circulation.

pH balance

One of the core functions of sole water is to regulate the body’s systemic pH.

Muscular health

Muscular health is also improved by Pink Himalayan Salt solution as it floods electrolyte balance in the body hence reducing muscle cramps.

Mindfulness and circadian rhythm

Sole water uplifts your awareness and mindfulness. It reduces the cortisol and adrenalin levels and energizes the body with improved circadian rhythms.

Weight loss

Sole water is good news for people who struggle with weight loss as it shows promising results in lowering the body weight.

Natural antihistamine

It can be used as an inhaler or a nasal wash to relieve sinus allergies as it is antihistamine in nature. It washes the allergens and maintains a good health.

Blood sugar

By elevating the insulin sensitivity, it helps to maintain blood sugar.

Cardiovascular health

Sole water regulates the body’s electro-biochemical activities. It helps in normalizing the blood pressure and maintaining a good cardiovascular health.

Skin, hair, and nails

Pink Himalayan Salt supplies the entire essential and trace minerals like zinc, chromium, and sulfur. It helps to get rid of acne and supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Improved energy levels

It boosts the energy levels of the body by improving the metabolism.


Sole water maintains the ion concentration and pH balance of the body and helps in overcoming addiction or cravings for a specific substance. It comprises negative ions which help to bind toxins and hence detoxifying the body.


Sole water balances the salt and water content of the body. In this way, it fully hydrates and nourishes the body cells while maintaining fluid balance.

Digestion and metabolism

Sole water results in healthy digestion and metabolism of the body by improving nutrient assimilation, assisting enzymes and optimizing the digestive system.

Hormone regulation

It promotes hormone regulation and drives the thyroid and adrenal health.

Nerve relaxing agent

It provides a soothing effect to the body. It assists the nerve function and helps with stress and anxiety.

Healthy sexual health

Sole water results in healthy libido and reproductive health in men and women.

Side effects

Sole water may only cause side effects if taken in extremely high quantities. Few of the notable side effects are as under:

1.      Dehydration

As a thumb-rule, your body loses water when you take salt in. Therefore consuming salt in extreme quantities may lead to dehydration of your body, causing increased urination to sweep extra salt out of your body.

2.      Kidney failure

Too much salt intake may cause kidney failure as it increases the pressure on kidneys to filter the blood and remove excess salt. It may also cause salt to accumulate hence giving rise to kidney stones.

3.      Lethargy and confusion

Salt intoxication may cause serious health concerns like a headache, low blood pressure, confusion, lethargy or even brain damage if not treated properly. It may also lead you to experience suppressed appetite and vomiting.

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