Overeating is a major health risk, therefore; every person needs to keep control over his eating habits. To do so, he must be fully aware of the nutritional facts of food. Most of the people fail to adopt a healthy lifestyle just because they lack proper guidance.

Among macros, carbohydrates are of prime importance. Just like its deficiency can lead to severe health issues, its overconsumption is also very detrimental. The calorific value of carb rich foods is very high therefore they need to be categorized according to the individual’s need.

Some people who plan to lose weight instead of limiting carb intake; they utterly eliminate them from their diet. However, they are oblivious to the harm it causes. And others who focus on low-carb foods forget to choose the best among them.

So keeping this in mind, today I’ve come up with the list of best and worst low-carb foods since some of the low carb-foods can also resist weight loss because of added sugars and fats. Go through these to get the best body transformation results.

Best Low Carbs Foods

Here are some healthy, nutritious and incredibly delicious best low-carb foods recommendations for you.

Fruits Sweeteners Vegetables Snacks Meats
Blackberries Stevia Cucumber Boiled egg Beef
Strawberries Allulose Spinach Popcorn Chicken
Peaches Monk Fruit Lettuce Yogurt Lamb
Honey Dews Tagatose Olives Wheat-free  
      Crackers Fish
Watermelons Inulin Celery Onion Rings Veal
Avocadoes Sucralose Cauliflower Salad Venison
Cantaloupes Erythritol Avocado Marie Biscuits Bison
Worst Low Carb Foods

Below you can see some of the worst low-carb foods for weight loss, though good in general.

Fruits Sweeteners Vegetables Snacks Sauces
Bananas Xylitol Potato Pasta Maple Syrup
Figs Maltitol Sweet Potato White Chocolate BBQ Sauce
Cherries Aspartame Green Peas Milk Chocolate Jam
Pomegranates Saccharin Corn Dark Chocolate Ketchup
Grapes White Sugar Parsnip Donut Sriracha
Mangoes Brown Sugar Garbanzo Beans Caffe Latte Chilli Pepper
Apples Fructose Green Peas Cashew Nuts Sweet Chilli

Following the above mentioned best low-carb foods and avoiding the worst low-carb foods will definitely help you to lose weight and will also manage your blood sugar levels.

Packet Juices

To add more, refrain from using packet juices or at least see the ingredients list before having it since ninety percent of the fruit juices contain a high amount of sugar so, it’s better if you avoid them completely.

Fresh Juices

The use of fresh juices is highly recommended while on diet as they are fiber free. However stay conscious about the serving size.

Dry Fruits

During this period, make sure that dry fruits stay far away from you as they are highly sugar concentrated and also not so good for your pocket.

White & Brown Sugar

Strictly abstain from the use of white and brown sugar as well. The saying that brown sugar withstands weight gain is proven to be the biggest myth.

I would recommend you to turn a deaf ear for everyone else except your instructor when getting conscious about your waist-line.

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