Do you want to stoke the fire in a conversation that she will not wish will any sooner end? Want to elicit incessant response from your audience as you converse?

Want to talk long without tiring and never boring? Want to be the one who initiate a very germane list of question

Want to be a little more fun in your conversation?

Then here is a very important list of conversation you will need to get ahead of your audience as this is dope as it comes?

So here are very active question list needed to engage that very special girl in a conversation;

TRENDING 83 Funny Question To Ask Someone

60+ Fun Questions To Ask A Girl

  1. Have you ever gambled before
  2. Do you believe in ghosts
  3. What was your scariest bed time story from childhood
  4. Do you think you’ll pass for a bitch if you were told to act the part
  5. Have you ever been privy to a secret you should never have been privy to before
  6. What do you do for fun
  7. What’s the wildest thing you have ever done
  8. How long does your shopping take
  9. At what age did you lose your virginity
  10. What’s the funniest thing a guy has ever said to you
  11. What is the dumbest line a guy ever used for you
  12. Have you gone skiing before
  13. What’s the most intrepid thing you ever dared
  14. What spurs your best moments.
  15. Are you spontaneous or rather a good thinker
  16. Have you gone sailing before
  17. Have you ever been drunk before
  18. What’s the longest you’ve partied before
  19. Ever skipped school for fun before
  20. How frequent did you play truant in high school per week
  21. If there was no afterlife, what would be your greatest vice
  22. What makes you feel happy the most
  23. Do you worry sometimes you won’t live your life to the fullest
  24. What is the very thing that made you subscribe to the future you most conceptualize
  25. Have you ever eloped before
  26. Have you ever had a house party before
  27. What arouses your interest in the opposite sex more
  28. What is your greatest turn off
  29. What’s your favorite jam song
  30. Do you think the world will be better off with the theory of live-and-let-live
  31. What makes or mar your best day
  32. Have you ever gone bowling before
  33. Do you think life is all there is and there is no afterlife
  34. Do you think adults could still enjoy cartoons.
  35. If yes, which do you still enjoy
  36. What singular most beautiful thing do you think will rival the 7 wonders of the earth in beauty
  37. Do you have any tattoo
  38. What sport do you enjoy as a lady
  39. Do you worry your child will turn out like you
  40. What do you think about corporeal puni
  41. Have you ever lost a dare before
  42. What makes you happy that should not
  43. Do you think you will make a good wife tomorrow
  44. What’s the greatest desire of the child in you
  45. Have you ever flown by air before
  46. Have you ever bullied someone before
  47. What inspires you to become your wildest desires
  48. What drives your interest in what you love the most
  49. Do you believe lassiez-fairez approach to parenting
  50. Have you ever been overdosed on drugs before
  51. What makes you different from your peers
  52. If wishes were horses, what would you chose
  53. Have you seen any of the seven wonders of the earth before
  54. Where would you like to be proposed to
  55. What makes a man man enough for you
  56. How long can you wait waiting for an ideal man
  57. What’s the worst you’ve done on a date before
  58. Have you ever gone on a blind date before
  59. Have you ever wasted a date before which turned out bad
  60. What is the one mannerism about you which you can never change
  61. What is the most you’ve lost from a bet before
  62. Do you think you have what it takes to be a model
  63. Have you ever thought of what you’d pass for apart from what you are known for
  64. What is the craziest you’ve been with a costume before
  65. Have you ever cheated before

With these fun questions to ask a girl you can get any lady hooked to you in just seconds of communicating with her. Hope you use them and give us feedback about it.

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