A research has proved that we spend more money monthly on our food in restaurants than on new cloths and other luxuries.

There’s no surprise that everyone loves to dine out. They prefer ready to eat food rather than spending their time on cooking and not everybody likes their own cooked food so they prefer dining out mostly.

Home-made food is usually cheap but how can we keep ourselves away from those delicious burger hubs or yummilisious Chinese food and don’t get me even started on those desserts. Because “life is short so let’s eat dessert first”

I know being a foodie it’s hard to take away your hand and balance on dining out but if you spend your all money on food then how you going to save and do the rest of the things which you have planned to do the whole month. Billing, shopping grocery and all?

So here are some tips I’m showing you through which you can save your money while dinning out.

Go for deals.

Yes it’s not bad to avail deal meals, look out for restaurants who are offering deals. Keep a check on which restaurants deals are most suitable for your pocket. Go for deals and enjoy your discounted meals.

Order like a kid

When you’re in the restaurant try to order from the kids section in the menu, it’s usually in small portion and less in price.

Skip desserts.

It’s perfect if you’re not a sweet tooth much but it will be hard for you to stay your hands away from dessert if you crave for it but don’t eat dessert after meals try to save it as a meal itself.

Avoid to order appetizer.

Mostly restaurants give free appetizer try to avail only those and don’t order it by yourself. It will be wastage of your money.

Avoid beverages.

Skip beverages after meal because they are not good for health and you don’t have extra money to spend on unhealthily fizzy drinks.

Try to dine out at the end of the month.

When you dine out at the end of the month it’s mostly possible that you’re already low on budget so you by yourself will order less.

Avail student discounts.

Search out for restaurants who are offering student discounts and if you’re not a student anymore then go with a student who has a card and specially knows you too.

Go on weekdays.

Usually restaurants have good deals during weekdays as they know weekends would be crowded and weekdays are slow. Everyone dines out in weekends and weekdays are usually their busy days.

Go for lunch.

Many restaurants offer good lunch deals for workers who have small balance to spend on their lunch meals.

Save lunch money.

If you’re not shy to bring your own lunch box in office then that would be great, you can take your own home made lunch from home and save your lunch money.

Be a early bird.

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise, plus also healthy for your pocket. Restaurants are good to offer breakfast portions in cheap rates you can enjoy dining out with the fresh Early start of the day.

I hope you will follow these steps and save your money. Best of luck for the savings.

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