Losing weight is a long term journey, the weight was never put on in a day was it? So, it will take its time to say good bye! If you are trying or planning to lose weight, you need to have a little patience and a control on your nerves! Nothing is impossible, and neither is losing weight. Never go for the crash diets and starve yourself, love your body and nourish it with the right fuel.So here goes a list of 5 things you MUST need to keep in mind while losing weight healthily.

Increase the FIBER intake

Fiber has always been vital when losing weight. Why? Well, fiber when eaten stays in the stomach for a longer time. Which means you wont feel hungry for a longer time and hence you’ll eat less. Fiber apart from helping to lose weight plays other important health roles as well like maintaining the blood sugar levels, blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity! People with metabolic syndrome should try to increase the fiber intake up to 30grams per day. Best food sources of fiber: whole grain products, fruits with peel, vegetables, seeds, beans and nuts! Go make a green salad, add kidney beans in them and enjoy a fiber rich bowl for lunch today!

Control the Portion Size of your meal

As I said, you don’t need to starve yourself and miss out all the stuff you love eating. But what can help, for you to follow a long term diet, is controlling how much you eat. Many of us eat till we feel like, but that’s how we feed us with all that extra calories. Know your portion size, and eat accordingly, don’t stuff your stomach too much always leave a portion of it empty. When dining out, make better choices, low in fat remember!

Avoid Carbonated and Sweetened Beverages

We drink a lot of sugar then we know with these beverages. When you are watching your calories, you must stay away from these, as they add a lot than we can burn in a day. Not only do we consume these calories which are metabolized in the body and turn into fat, but also they disturb the pH of the body because of which the calcium from the bones leach out, making our bones weak as well. Most mothers complain their children not growing, so remember that when the pH of the body isn’t maintained a healthy growth is always compromised!

Increase your body’s Metabolic Rate

The metabolic rate, is basically the rate at which metabolism in the body occurs, how fast the body uses the nutrients energy per unit time. The faster the metabolic rate the leaner you would be, as the body would burn and utilize the fuels quickly! Having large meals slows the metabolism, yes so eat smartly and eat in small portions throughout the day. Distribute your days calories into 5-6 small meals rather than 2-3 large meals. Add green tea (not gallons please) as a snack, no more than a cup! And in it maybe a pinch of cinnamon!

Be physically Active

Eating cautiously alone will never help to lose weight, you need to be a little more physically active. Push yourself out of bed and up from that sofa, and go for a jog or a brisk walk. Your body, your health needs that! Movement requires energy and hence calories burn. When you are physically active you burn most of the calories you might eat extra, and of course helps you to use the stores of energy stored in the body as fats. Go for a walk for at least 45 minutes daily, not only would you maintain your weight but also feel good and more productive. But remember, keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water!

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