If you are a traveller and visited a lot of places, don’t struggle finding a perfect place for 2019. Below mentioned places can be visit to wonderland for you. I narrow down the list of most attractive places which will helps you to explore natural beauty, culture, food and relaxation for your busy hectic life routine.Some of them are mentioned below. Have a look!

View over an infinity-pool at bvlgari luxury resort.
1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a beautiful island of Indonesia. Out of total 17,000 islands, Bali is considered to be top of the lists due to its numerous tropical destinations. It has been said that one must visit Bali once in life. This is considered to be a dreamlandand getting fame over the time. Residents of Bali are considered to mostresponsible citizens, their colorful clothes, simple living style and friendlybehavior makes travellers feel like home and increase the popularity of the region.There are many places to visit in Bali and the first one is its beaches and tropicaljungles. Every beach owns its own atmosphere and feel. There is one of theworld’s best beaches for surfers. Not only white sanded but also fantasy land blanksands beaches are there too. Historical religious temples are one of the appealingplaces to be visited in Bali. Not only the places but their food and culture are alsoone of the attractive things. So don’t waste your time and write Bali in yourwishlist!

2. Peru

Peru is a beautiful country in western South America. If you are a historyperson, Peru is a must visit due to its ancient ruins like Sacred Valley, Incaruins and Machu Picchu. There are not only beautiful but mysterious places andyou can feel like a movie character by visiting them. While thinking to visitPeru, get ready to have a lot of drama like the mysterious figures in the desertsof Nazca lines in Ica, jungle of the city of Puerto Maldonado, Beaches andgastronomy of Lima and mesmerizing views of Andean.

3. New York City

New York is a dream city of United states and the most populous one. Its anurban city with lots of fancy places to visit like Macy’s Thanksgiving DayParade, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Time Square and Empire StateBuilding. The dream city possess best bars, fine dining areas, 40 varieties oftress at Fort Greene, biggest fashion industries and how can I forgot about thenight life. It is said and I totally agree that the city never sleeps.

4. Paris

Paris is the capital and most populated city of France. It has been a centre ofattraction for tourist from many years. SO if you didn’t visit it till now it’s theright time. Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Deme de Paris, Louvre Museum, listcontinues and end on the most romantic place Eiffel Tower. There areDisneyland theme parks in Paris which are the best options for kids, bestCruises for dinners for couples and families and many walking and biking trailsto explore its beauty.


5. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietman. It is basically made up of 28beautiful islands. This island has most moderate temperature throughout theyear. This island is best for marine species lovers with around 130 types ofmollusks, around 130 species of coral reef fish and home of some of the veryunique species like green and hawksbill turtles and dugong. Alongside theisland possess many landmarks, parks, scuba and snorkeling spots.

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