Hacks can also be called as self-help. i.e. any shortcuts , strategy or technique which improves your efficiency and makes your life easier. In simple words hacks are tips and tricks which gives us alternative way to do a difficult work. Hack can be time savvy, money savvy or both. Life is getting busier and smart brains are coming up with many hacks to organize their lives in almost every field like beauty, fashion, work and even exercise.

Smart use of Technology

Organizations are using technology as a hack by using Google calendars to schedule calls and meetings, taking notes on Tablets/PCs and using gadgets like sticky notes as a reminder. Install applications like Dropbox for saving and sharing files. Make things to do list for the whole week and stick to it use sticky notes instead of throwing papers everywhere and waste a lot of time to find them. Cut off the use of paper to avoid mess in office try to use softcopy as much as u can.

Be Wise, Work less!!

Interesting hacks come into mind too which can be used but not very professional like using pen as a scale, buying clothes which don’t need ironing and using bottles as pencil holders etc. For daily tasks use Docket for separating your tasks, meetings and notes. Use drawer organizer or honeycomb wall shelves to organize office supplies like staplers, scissors, pens, pencils etc.

Utilize less space for more stuff

In companies and work places space is an issue for everyone. For keeping important files, documents and books in order, put them in separate file covers and label them either date wise, year wise or organization wise. This will help to sort them out easily and quickly. When it comes to spacing put your stuff vertical in closets and cupboards.

Get odor and fresh breath

In messy office environment try to keep your office fresh. Plant green herbs like rosemary, basils, mint, lavenders etc makes your work place look great and it gives good odor too.

Hide and Label Cables

Hide the wires behind or beneath the cubical to look more tidy and organized. Label cords of your computers, printers, chargers and scanners to avoid look of tangled cables underneath.

These are really good hacks which can be helpful to organize stuff specifically office but can be used for households too. Little tricks can make difference in your reputation and promotion may be… Who knows!

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