The time you waited for too long to come has now arrived. You’ve got someone special in
your life; you’ve finally made it official. Congratulations! Like every one of us, you have had planned and slogged for this utmost exciting event of your life, had gone through wedding diets for sure. But now it’s time when you want to be at the place of your own, just you and your spouse relishing the otherworldly food and mighty hills or simply relaxing on one of the most beautiful sites of the world.

Gear up 2019 couples! This is going to be your first real chance to spend quality time with your spouse. Today, I’m here to help you decide the destination for your honeymoon trip. I’ve listed below some very unique places that you’ll love to visit this year with your partner. Go through these and you will feel no need to look further. May your trip be as wonderful as you are!


Jasper is a municipality in Alberta, Canada surrounded with the snow-packed Rockies, splendid waterfalls, glaciers fed lakes and canyons that make it the best place for outdoorsy couples! Moreover, it’s a perfect place to hike in summers and snowboard in winters. Get your tickets to Jasper, if you are seeking for adventure with your partner beside a romantic trip.

Ice Land

Don’t get confused with its name; it’s not a land of ice, rather it’s a landscape in Europe. If you want to
enjoy the cool breeze and drizzle on and off, then this place is made for you.
Iceland is known by its dramatic landscape volcanoes and hot springs. If I were in your place, I would
have chosen this destination. Apart from city noise and people’s crowd just you two and nature. Such a
dream place to go!



Don’t worry if you’ve got to go during scorching summers or drastic winters. This place is just
perfect for all the seasons, where nature and urban life is beautifully merged into one another.
Its gastronomic culture is also very appealing to the tourists. Pack up your luggage for Sweden without any second thought if you and your partner love visiting amazing pieces of architecture and exploring new things. This time explore together!


Norway is not usually listed in the honeymoon destinations because it doesn’t possess any special natural or artificial beauty that every couple looks for when planning for a trip. However, I found it worth mentioning because of one particular thing there. That is Aurora! These bright dancing lights are the miracle of God, visible in the sky at Norway. Witness it first time with the love of your life, and you’ll never be able to forget this memory throughout your life.

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